Friday, January 7, 2011

Product Review: Rouge Flashbenders

The first time that I saw this product I thought for sure that it was going to be gimmick. Then, several professional photographers began saying that it was one of the coolest things to come out for speedlights. Still, I just figured they were just being paid to endorse the product. The more I looked at it though the more I could see its application. Specifically, the ability to roll it up and put it on the end of the flash was of interest. This gives you the ability to focus the light and keep it from spilling everywhere. The fact that the panel is considerably larger than flash head would allow you to diffuse the light hitting the subject.

When Christmas rolled around I found one of these under my tree (size: Large). After just playing around with it a bit I must say I am impressed. This will stay in my photo bag for those times when an umbrella and stand are just not feasible or I need to “spotlight” something. All and all I find this to be a very cool new product and would certainly recommend it for your gear bag.  You can check out more product details here.

1 comment:

  1. This won't fit on my point and shoot....LOL

    Thanks for a great idea!