Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am Back!!

I returned late last night from my Photographic Excursion and now that I am back I can tell you a little about the trip.  I didn't want to say anything before because...  well, I didn't need the extra attention before going.  The location?  Cuba.  Yes, it is still a closed country.  So, how did I get to go?  I was asked by my church (First Baptist of Homestead) to go and photographically record the work the church is doing there. 

Disclaimer:  For the safety of the missionaries there I will not show any photographs of them, their families, or the missions work on this blog or my main website.

While there I had more than a little bit of an opportunity to photograph the rural areas of Cuba and I visited Havana on my last day.  I am not known as a street photographer.  In fact, I had never done street photography until now.

I have so many mixed emotions about my trip.  What I can tell you is that the Cuban government is truly doing their people a disservice (understatement).  I can also tell you that the people I came in contact with were intelligent, kind, and loving people who cherish their families.

I expect to write a few posts about the trip sharing some of the photographs, talking about the situation when it was taken, and in some cases the technical side of the photograph.  For now, look below for a couple of examples of my trip.  I know, the panoramic of Havana is not technically street photography but....


  1. Wow!!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

  2. My dear friend, what a surprise, I am glad you the opportunity to know my country and my people,I do believe it was a very nice experience and I am happy for you. I am planning myself to go the first week of March to see my family and of course takes a lot of picture.
    Welcome back and can't wait to hear your experiencies about this trop

  3. Fantastic. I spent most of my time in Cotorro. What part of Cuba will you be traveling too? I would love to look at your photographs when you get back as well. Great to hear from you again!