Monday, January 10, 2011

A Beautiful Party

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing an 80th birthday party.  What an absolutely great group of people.  They were so warm and welcoming to my assistant ( and I.  These images here were among my favorite captured "moments" and I believe you can really tell the flavor of the party.  The black and white image here is not one that I would typically like because so much is out of focus.  However, here I believe it tells a story.  The party was all about Mrs. Martinez and she was the focus of everyone's attention.  Thanks to the Martinez family for giving me the pleasure of the photo shoot.


  1. Jason,
    THANK YOU for taking the gig!
    Of all the photos, why me in all of these? LOL

    Mama is so happy with the photos. She got the lowest quality KB of a bunch and emailed them to all. I then did a "reply all" with your link. After all, KB photos print horribly!

    For all those who wonder what music was being played: Cuban music from 1950s-present, heavy on Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan.

    The item that Mom carries is called a "farola," and traditionally lead conga lines in Cuba until the Revolution ended all of that. The farola is taken out to signal the end of the party, last chance to dance, and the leader of th e line dances and "picks up" everyone.

    We had such a great time...what a great memory for all!!! Thanks, Jason, for all the photos!!!!

  2. It was my pleasure and I really hope you enjoy the photographs!