Sunday, August 1, 2010

Always look around.

Recently I had the privlage of working with the Roxy Theatre Group (see previous post).  While there I was tasked with getting some portraits of people prior to the start of the play/musical.  During one of the slow times between portraits I managed to get a couple of shots at random.  Basically, I was just passing the time.  I realized two things. 

1) Keep your eyes open for oportunities. I had been looking at these bottles lined up all night and I suddenly decided to take the photo. The light from the out-of-focus background really helped bring interest the spirits. The shadows cast a mysterious light on the bar tender.

Prints available at starting at $50.00

2)  There is art in the mundane.  This scene sparked my interest because of the colors, lines and angles. 


  1. Jason,
    Funny you should take a photo of bottles at a bar...often I have thought of painting a scene similar to that! Amazing light can be found in bars...LOL.

    Thank you for sharing how you are always being an artist!

  2. Thanks again for the comments! One of my favorite photographers (John Shaw) talked about how everytime he runs a workshop the top questions is.... What is there to photograph. His response is of course... just look around. We (photographers) often spend a great deal of time looking for the elusive BIG PICTURE only to miss some great small ones.