Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Boredom

Earlier today I was sitting around the house wishing the heat would come down just a tad so I could go take some photos without a heat stroke. That didn't happen so I sat around a little bit longer then, I grabbed my camera, some lights and just about anything I could think of to photograph. There’s nothing like a bit of boredom to get creative juices going. Here is one of my favorites that I took during my down time... Let me know what you think.

Prints available at starting at $50.00


  1. LOL LOL LOL Nothing like being a little bored. Heat? Here?

    This would be a great photo to license for weddings, etc. What if it had the second ring near the first? This could be a great little series based on the Bible and found objects!

  2. Love it! I could see it in a wedding ad or something. Next time you get bored, put together a little Walter Wick I Spy pic with Zackeal's toys. LOL We just can't get enough of those books (Audrey & I). =) Seriously though, the pic looks great.