Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Night Out with the Camera and Friends

Last night I decided to head out with a friend to parts unknown of Miami.  Well, we ended up in a well known part called Bayside.  This is a place that we had visited before but with limited time.  This time, we had the chance to do some exploring.  The very first place we stopped was close to Brickle.  As luck would have it the hotel that we parked at had some construction going on which mean the area near the water was devoid of people (it did have plenty of mud though).  I took several shots here but over all I was only happy with this one.  It is a nice shot that shows how peaceful the city can look when you are at a distance.  A long exposure and a small aperture allowed me to smooth the water and give a tremendous depth of field.

This next shot was one that I had seen a hundred times and attempted to find a way to make it different.  The entire side of this building looks exactly the same so a simple tilt of the camera allowed me to produce this image.  What I find fascinating here is the lines that divide the apartments both vertical and horizontal.  I think the more I look at this photo the more I am confused.

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Finally, the bridge....  While exploring we found ourselves under yet another bridge in Miami.  This particular image I decided to render in black and white because of its simplicity.  The light on the water draws your eyes directly to the columns.  The way the columns are laid out lead your eyes further into the photograph.  Color versions can be seen on both our website ( and our Facebook Fan Page

This was not taken in what one might refer to as a safe place. I figured with four of us there we wouldn't have an issue. In fact, the only real contact we had with any one was a guy that just wanted a cigarette (which we didn't have)...and he had some trouble deciding whether or not to leave his shirt on... This is certainly a place that I will find myself again relatively soon. Much more to explore in Miami!!!

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  1. I am so glad you all went out again! The confusing shot is very abstract...wonder what the architect wanted?

    Love them. Thank you for the tilt on that buildng.