Monday, August 16, 2010

Life in the Abstract

I am not an abstract photographer... However, there are times when I find something interesting that I feel just needs to be photographed. Looking below you will see three images that are not self evident upon first glance. They are unique pieces of work that were of interest to me...surprisingly. If you find a subject and you feel that you have photographed it as much as you can switch to some abstract work. You can do much of this with a simple macro set up but evenn that is not always necessary. You can find it fun and rewarding though you may get more comments like "what's that" than "nice work"... But still, it is fun none-the-less and it teaches you to look beyond the obvious.
Veins of an Elephant Ear Plant

Damaged section of an old Fraisur Fur Tree

Sun shining and bubbles from 25 feet under the ocean.

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