Sunday, August 8, 2010

Returning to Your Roots

When I first started into photography I learned the traditional methods of black and white film development.  In truth, technology has left this method behind.  Personally, I am thankful.  The darkroom could steal hours of your life for only a few prints.  With today's methods I can process an entire shoot in the length of time it would take me to process a hand full of darkroom images.  Sill, there is something about my roots that draw me back to the black and white process.  It seems that nearly every image I process I find myself seeing what it would look like in black and white.  In fact, there are several photos that I shift to b&w and leave them there.

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If you want to improve your photographic skills try limiting yourself to only taking pictures specifically for B&W.  I am not saying only do this but for an outing or two it could really change your perspective.  Remember that if you are photographing a bright blue sky then it will be just as gray as a cloudy day.  This gives you a reason to go out and shoot B&W images when the weather is bad because the sky becomes interesting during a storm (that applies to color too). 

Sometimes I like both the color and the B&W versions...  Why not have both?!?!...  That is the beauty of technology because it is a matter of a few clicks and a couple of sliders. 

I really don't miss that much about the traditional dark room but I am so glad that is where I started. I am a better photographer because of my roots.

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  1. Jason,
    Huh. Interesting how many parallels between photography and painting!
    When some artists begin a painting, they begin with the dark areas. When some artists begin a study of a painting, they do so with black and white. When an artist (outside of a photographer) wants to get to basics, s/he goes to black and white.

    Black and white can be achieved in a few different ways more than black and white film. Hmm, maybe I should blog about black and white?