Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lightroom 4 Introduction Video

Below is a video introduction to Lightroom 4.  This introduction is based on my first impressions and only pertains to still images.  LR4 has the capability of working with video but I do no have any experience with that portion yet.  All and all this is a solid program worth looking at for an upgrade or initial purchase.  Adobe will allow you to upgrade to LR4 for 79.00 regardless of what previous version you have.  Way to go Adobe.  On top of that if you do not have a previous version but you are considering it the prices is 149.00!!!!  That is half the price of LR3 upon release.  It looks like the lowering of Aperture 3 in Mac App Store had an effect.  As always should you have any questions feel free to drop me an e-mail or even call.  Thanks again and stay tuned!!!!

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