Monday, March 26, 2012

The Fun of Collecting Photo Gear

How many times have you heard this from fellow photographers? “It is not the gear, it is the photographer”...

Yes, we all know that it is the photographer that truly makes the image. However, I have yet to see a photograph created with no equipment. We NEED our gear. Let’s face another reality. For some of us collecting all the gear is just plain fun! The gear might not make me a better photographer but it does do two things:

1. It gives me more options
  • I like the idea of traveling light but I also like the idea of having everything I could possibly need right there with me. The equipment should be used to give us photographic options. I have a motto. “It is better to have and don’t need than to need and don’t have.” I take everything to a wedding or portrait shoot. Most of it may remain in my vehicle or in a room at the church and will never be used. However, in the off chance that I need the extra equipment I have it available.
  • There is a caveat here though. Unless you really know your equipment too many options can be disruptive. You have to know your gear.
  • Here is an exception: If I going on a hike or photo walk I am a bit more weight conscious and try and travel as light as possible. For me the lighter I travel the more I photograph.

2. It satisfies my techie side!!
  • This may not be common knowledge to most of you but I am a geek… Shocking I know.  I try and keep my ear to the technology rail and I watch the rumor sites daily to see what new and cool gear may be coming out to help me with my photography.
When all is said and done collecting gear is part of what makes photography fun and it is OKAY to say so!!!


  1. I wish I had more money to collect more gear!! It's addicting!!! :)

  2. This is about 14 years of collecting!!! Notice the two film camera bodies....