Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There and Back Again

Too many photographers visit one place take a few shots and chalk it up as being done.  I tend to visit and revisit the same locations over and over.  Especially if it is a location unknown by people and therefore not photographed as often.  I have had many people ask me why I keep going back to the same place or say "don't you get bored going back to the same location"?...  See the images below for my answer.

The first time I went out to Pine Glades Lake in the Florida Everglades I was impressed with the location.  The clouds were not cooperative but still I was able to get this panoramic of the area just as the sun set. 

My second second trip had the same issue with the clouds but a certain critter decided to show himself which gave me this shot.  It just screams Florida doesn't it?

The clouds decided to show themselves on the third trip.  This was a night where I was going to the Glades to get some star trail pictures and decided to stop off at Pine Galdes Lake on the way...  I am certainly glad I did.  The wind was up so the water was far from still. 
Trip number four I finally had all the elements I was looking for.  Ample clouds, very little wind, and calm still water.

Number five....  Wow...  Everything fell into place to give me this HDR image that is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
So, why do I keep going back again and again?  I would hope these images give you an idea.  I am sure I will visit this same place very soon and who knows what I will find.

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  1. Great advise, this is the Everglades?, I live close by (Indian Casino), and never been there.

  2. Yes, here in Homestead the Everglades entrance is only about 20min. This time of year might not be the best but the winter is wonderful.