Saturday, March 27, 2010

Continuous Learning

There is so much to learn regarding photography. I have been seriously into it now for 9 years and still feel like a novice at times. Not only are there techniques for everything but you could spend years just becoming familiar with the gear. In this modern age with iPods and iPhones the learning opportunities are endless. There are so many “Podcasts” and videos floating around the internet for whatever type of photography that interests you. One of the great resources is called Kelby Training. Now, this is a service that costs 24.99 a month which may seem kind of steep until you realize that they have hundreds of videos with many world famous photographers. It is worth checking out if you get a chance. Kelby Training also produces a free Podcast called D-Town TV. This is a weekly podcast showcasing equipment, famous photographers, and technique.

Suggested websites:

Learning is the key if you want to grow in photography. Enjoy the websites and I will write again soon.

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