Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"I am in every picture that I take"

The Camera Looks Both Ways" is a quote often used by world famous travel photographer Rick Sammon. I must have heard him say that 20 times before I really got what he meant. When you click the shutter you are not only taking a picture but you are showing a little (or a lot) about yourself. If you just blast away to get "a" photograph then chances are the images you produce will show this haste. When you are photographing people and you wait until the individuals look stoic rather than excited then perhaps that is a reflection of your mood at the time.

I have a similar saying that really could be thought of in the same light. My parents often comment that there are not a lot of pictures of me floating around. I always say "I am in every picture that I take" and now this phrase will have a whole new meaning to me. Thanks Rick Sammon for bringing this idea close to home.

What are some things you think about when you work on your particular art form? Are there phrases you repeat to yourself or a ritual that you go through to prepare yourself? This question could relate to any form of art (music, writing, painting, drawing, etc...) I am interested to hear so leave a comment or two.

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