Friday, January 20, 2012

Film Still Draws a Crowd!!!!

While I was in New Orleans I joined Gavin Seim, a great photographer from Washington State, for a photo walk.  We traveled down Bourbon Street and started setting up our gear.  Most people just walked by without a thought.  Then, Gavin brought out an old 4x5 film camera and started setting up.

This image is what happened next.  Yep, a crowd started forming.  It took him nearly 10min. to set up to take a single shot.  This made me think that we could learn something from Gavin.  First, we learn how to draw a crowd and second, we could learn how to slow down.  I know that pixels are free and we can experiment but there are times when we should just take our time to set up.  Take the time to compose that one image as if it were going to cost us money.  Do we have to do this to get a great shot?  No necessarily but we might have fewer images to go through and delete later.

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  1. Imagine if we treated people with that same philosophy. Take your time, carefully frame each sentence, like each conversation and each moment mattered.