Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Close

 The past couple of weeks have been rough and I have not had the opportunity to do much shooting. My wife received some flowers and while she was giving our son his bath I though… Now is the time! Quickly I grabbed my camera, tripod, and a light. I wanted to get in close for a other-worldly feel so I used my 80-200mm f2.8, 300mm f4 (with 1.4x converter) and a Canon macro filter. This allowed me to focus really close.  When focusing this close you lose a good amount of depth of field (DOF), which in the case of these images, was exactly what I was going for.  As you look at these images you will notice how certain parts are sharp in focus while other parts of out of focus.  This is referred to as a shallow depth of field and is magnified in macro photography (post for another day)..  With a shallow depth of field you have one "plane" of focus that is sharp.  Everything closer or farther away from that focal plane is out of focus.  You can use this method to produce some dramatic images.

I managed to get a few shots off before my son came running through the house instantly saying “oh wow” at the lighting and camera set up I had going. It was a short lived shoot but still a good amount of fun.

This Thursday (12/09/2010) I have been asked to photograph a high school concert band during their performance so stay tuned for more posts.


I apologize for the posts being so infrequent of late and look forward to producing them again on a regular basis. Thanks for following and don’t forget to “Like” the Eldridge Studios Facebook Fanpage.


  1. Jason,
    LOL, it seems you have a life?

    Lovely idea of taking photographs of the flowers this way. This is an excellent example of the differences between an SLR (?) and a point and shoot camera.

  2. You are right on the money! The DSLR cameras give you creative control of the aperture (depth of field) and the ability to change out lenses for different focal lengths.

    I do have a Photography is a big part of that but the family is more important. So, whenever they require my attention they get it! However, whenever I can sneak away it is all about photography and the creation of photographs.