Monday, December 13, 2010

10 Christmas Gifts for Photographers

So, what do you get the favorite photographer in your life? Take a quick look here for some ideas. I could go into all the technical types of gifts such as cameras and lenses but I want to focus on some of the “affordable” extras. Before you run out and buy all this stuff for me, know that I likely own it all already. But hey, the fact you were thinking about it warms my heart. =)

1. Black Rapid R-Strap:

2. Lens Cleaning:

3. Sensor Cleaning:

4. Light Modifier:

5. Light Modifier:

6. Backpack:

7. Captured by the Light (great wedding portrait book):

8. Captured (wildlife photography book):

9. Lightroom 3 (this was a game changer for me):

10. Lightroom 3 book:

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas and may your photographic dreams come true one pixel at a time! LOL

  2. Thanks a lot! I am looking for cheap gifts for photographers because my bro is also a photographer and I would love to gift him.