Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Great Local Place (Gold Coast Railroad Museum)

I decided to check out a new local place.  Each time the family and I took a trip to the Miami Metro Zoo I had seen a sign for the Gold Coast Railroad Museum.  I didn't pay much attention to the place because I figured it was just a small walkthrough museum.  There is this really cool iPad app (FREE) out there called Stuck on Earth.  You really need to check it out if you haven't.  It lets you check out local places and see photos from that place.  That is when I really got interested in the Railroad Museum.

So, this past Saturday we (the family) journeyed to the museum.  To say the least I was impressed.  There is so much history stored away for you to see and interact with.  Besides, being a guy it was AWESOME to set foot on the massive pieces of mobile metal!!!!!

The clouds were out in full force which gave me the idea to do some HDR shots.  The first photograph is my favorite of the bunch with the dramatic clouds in the background and the old rusted hunk of metal in front.  The second shot was of a very old steam engine which had to be done in black and white of course.  Lastly, I just couldn't pass up the leading lines down the side of passenger cars.  All and all it was a great trip and I was not even there that long.  The next time I will plan for some addition time!