Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Wife's New Endevor

A month or two ago we finally got my wife a professional underwater camera set up.  We live just north of Key Largo so there is certainly opportunity for some great photographs.  Since she and I both got certified we have been wanting a full pro level underwater camera, housing, and strobe.  Now we have it our hands  (Nikon D7000, Ikelite Housing and Strobe).  She has gotten to go several times now and is begining to get the hang of managing that beast underwater.  It is different to say the least. 

Ultimatly though the idea is still the same.  Find and manipulate the light to create the image that you see.  There are a few other things to consider underwater though.  For example;  Red is the first color you loose at depth and you can see this in water as shallow as 15 feet.  The strobe of course takes care of that but anything the strobe does not light shows obvious color loss.  There are things you can do in post to help deal with that and we will cover those in later blogs.

I am most excited about this because for years I have been trying to get my wife to take photos with me but she has had no interest.  Now, she is interested.  I might have to don 80lbs. of dive gear but it is more than worth the effort.  She may never take photos on land as a hobby but underwater we can share this adventure.  What do you think of this photo she was able to capture on just her 4th time with the camera?

If you are interested in learning to dive she is also a fantastic PADI certified Staff Instructor.  You can check out her website here.  More underwater photos to come...  I guarentee.

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