Sunday, May 8, 2011

Group Photos at Roxy Theatre

We were invited back to the Roxy Theatre to do some yearbook photos.  Here are just a couple of examples of what went on Saturday.

I will be there all week so I am sure there will be more posts to come. 

This was also the first time I have had a chance to put my Elinchrom BXRi lights to the test.  The were able to like everything and still had power left over.  I was even using umbrellas as well.  Regarding some of the shadows you may see I was not able to place the lights in the most ideal spot.  The best placement for group shots is to just the right and left of the camera.  However, I only had a
couple of small spots on either side of the group to place the lighting.  I was out in the audience area on a 6 foot ladder.  Normally I like some shadow in my images because they help define that individual or scene.  Group shots are different though because you do not have the ability to always light everyone dramatically.  If you try you end up casting shadows on other individuals.  Still, I think they came out pretty nice.  The groups the rest of the week are smaller than the first one so with luck I can rearrange the lighting set up.

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  1. These look like fun shoots!!!! Look at all the natural smiles!!!! Wow!

    Glad you are enjoying the lights! Expecting a review of them in the coming months. ;)