Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Dharma Studio Art Exhibit is Over.

That is me on the right. Jorge on the left is a
friend that stopped by the gallery.
The Dharma Studio Art Exhibit is over and the area has been cleaned up. Was it successful? I guess that has to be determined by how one defines success. Did I sell any prints? No. However, there were people that were moved by the photographs, even to the point of tears. I spent a good deal of time talking to people about the entire trip to Cuba. I was able to discuss the fact that it was a mission trip and talk about some of the missions work happening on the island.

I am a photographer because I like creating images. I enjoy making order out of chaos and sparking an emotional response from myself and from others.

Would I like to have sold some prints? Well, one of my goals as a photographer is for it to one day be my primary source of income. So yes, I would love to have sold some prints. Am I sad that I didn’t? Of course, who would want a little extra money or at least enough to cover the cost of putting the show together?

Back to my original question: Was it a success? Hands down; YES it was. I was able to spend the night talking about a trip that has had a profound effect on me. The works displayed are photographs seldom seen of the island. Several who viewed the photographs used to live near where they were taken. Their memories renewed and their emotions touched.

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