Saturday, November 6, 2010

What a Week!

This week started off like any other.  Then, the phone calls started.  I ended up doing two photo shoots for other people and some random photos for myself.  All and all it was a great week for photography.

First, there was a football game and at half-time was the homecoming court.  A friend from church called and asked if I could do photos for them.  Now, the issue lies in that I have never photographed a sporting event.  You have to start somewhere.  Yes, that was my answer.  It was a lot of fun and very challenging.  I am happy to report that the Princeton Christan School Panthers won their homecoming game.

The homecoming court went great.  These were some awesome young men and women.  Take a look above at the King and Queen.  Congratulations guys!

Next, I received a phone call on Thursday from the Roxy Theatre Group of Miami and they needed a photographer on short notice to do some group photos.  Now, the issue lies in that I have never photographed this many people (2 groups of 60+ kids)  Yes, was my answer.  I arrived on Saturday morning and met with a friend and we co-oped the shoot.  This was the most organized group of kids I think I have ever seen.  Great bunch and you can certainly tell by this photo that they had a lot of character.
Saturday afternoon my family decided to go to a local park with our son and let him run around.  We thought we might get a glimpse of the Blue Angels performing at Homestead Air Force Base.  Boy did we ever!  They were turning to go back to the runway right over head (few hundred feet above).  What an awesome sound!  We are planning on going to the airshow Sunday but I was happy to get this shot!

While there, as you would expect, I snapped a few shots of the family.  They say to improve your craft there is nothing like practice.  I have certainly gotten some practice in this week and with some aspects of photography that were new.  It has been a great week for photography and as the week ends I will find myself at an airshow....  Whew!

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  1. Looks like a GREAT weekend was enjoyed!

    You are impressive with your "Yes, I can try!" attitude. Look how wonderful these photos are! I did see a few more photos on your site. You have experience doing photo shoots of large groups of people! Wow!

    Hmmm. I might make my break from blogging like your style: photos from life that may inspire anything artful.