Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photographic lessons as taught by a 2 year old...

As you all know I had the pleasure of taking a few pictures at a friends wedding this past Saturday.  After the wedding I went through almost 400 images and processed most of them. Some of them I spent some extra time with just to make sure they were perfect. I use Lightroom 3 so when I was finished I selected all the photos and set them to export. Obviously, this was going to take a bit of time so I left the room. I came back to see my son playing on the computer (here is where the sinking feeling started)... He was so proud that he was able to get it to do something... Yep, he deleted all the photos from the library. I always have backups of the originals so no worries there but the processing was lost!  I couldn't be angry with him (he was just SO proud) and could only laugh as I started the processing again. I did learn three things:

1) Never leave your 2 year old in the office alone if you want to keep everything intact.
2) Consider exporting a catalog with the processing information as an additional back up.
3) Deselect everything and lock the computer before leaving. 

It's a good thing he is cute!

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