Monday, July 12, 2010

Another World

Yesterday was mine and my wife's 12th Wedding Anniversary. It just seems like we just got married!... Time certainly flies and with Zackeal running around it seems like it is in high gear.  I love you Kim!

Well, we decided to do a dive in Key Largo to celebrate the milestone and while we were down I snapped a few pictures. We do not own a fancy underwater camera set up but the Canon SD-800 does pretty good for a point and shoot with some age.  Generally speaking many of the same rules (or guidlines) are the same under water as they are on land.  Ideas like the "rule of thirds" or "when you think you are close enough to your subject get a little closer" all still have their place.  One of the largest challenges is the fact you have to be aware of so much more than photography.  Things like how deep you are, how much air you have left, how long have I been down and what type of sea life am I around all have presedence over the art...and for good reason.  Still to me this makes it all the more rewarding.  One day we will get Kim a full camera set up but for now the best camera for underwater photography is the one we own...

Every time I dip my head beneath the waters I am amazed at the amount of life that exists there and just how fragile it can be. Each creature relies on a set way of life to continue its survival. Sometimes I fear that we (man) fail to fully understand the law that binds the ocean and all that dwells there. The tides are the very heart beat of the earth and if we are not good stewards of what is given to use then we risk a great deal!

The ongoing crisis in the gulf will have a devastating and lasting effect on a very fragile ecosystem. Currently there is no end in sight and it is going to getting worse. We must not allow this to become the norm. We cannot become desensitized to the situation and think that it is just going to go away.  

May these photos be a gentle reminder of what is at stake.

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  1. Jason: Yes, these photos are just a SMALL part of what is at stake. I am praying that the new cap works...and clean up can commence in earnest...and that LESS damage than we think has been done.
    I do not dive, but I love the ocean just as you two. Congrats on 12 years together!