Friday, April 16, 2010

An unsuccessful outing does not mean failure.

I was sitting around the house and it was nearing sunset when I noticed that the clouds seemed right for a quick sunset trip to the Everglades. I grabbed my gear, wife and son then headed to the Glades. I decided to try a new location. The only other time I had been to this specific location was after sunset to do some star trail pictures. Well, I got there and the landscape that I was hoping to get simply was not present. There were too many trees blocking a clear view of the sky and clouds. Then, the clouds moved in to block the sun just as it dipped below the horizon. It was a disappointment. So, why was this not a failure?

I learned a few things; it was not a great place for sunsets but it would be a good place for sunrises.  More importantly though...

The wind was blowing a nice cool breeze and when it was quiet you could hear the wind traveling across the grasslands. Peaceful, calming.

My 20 month old was there with my wife and they just walked around together while I did my thing and then suddenly the boy just had to have his “Dado”. It was simply not enough that I was there with him but he HAD to be on my shoulders. I decided that since nothing was really cooperating I would pack up and oblige my son. Shortly after packing up and putting him on my shoulders the sky came alive with color. It was a beautiful sunset after all. No, the pictures were not anything to write home about but I could not have asked for a better ending to the trip.

Sometimes you have to know when to put your gear up and enjoy what’s around you.


  1. Jason: You enjoyed a beautiful moment with your family. Just happened to have the camera with you, LOL. Love the picture here. I had something like that happen with my honorable mention art work.

    Are there any good to great camera review sites? Just a list??? LOL I need a point and shoot upgrade.

  2. Congratulations on the honorable mention!