Monday, July 2, 2012

Gear Talk Tuesday: Foursquare Flash System by Lightware Direct

Welcome to Gear Talk Tuesday!  This is a new series on the blog where I talk about gear!

The Foursquare Flash System by Lightware Direct is really a nice piece of equipment to add to your gear bag. The foursquare itself starts around $105.00. It is a square piece of aluminum that allows you to add up to four speedlights (or speedlites if you’re a Canon person) at one time. With the correct add-ons (Mini-mounts) you can attach Pocket Wizards for remote triggering as well. These packages go all the way up to $409.95 which comes with most of the accessories and a great softbox.

This has helped me out when photographing ourdoors. By adding up to 4 flashes I have more power to take on the sun. With the proper adapters and a second Foursquare you could go up to eight speedlights to really squeeze some power out.

It does a great job indoors as well because it allows the flashes to recycle almost instantly for general shooting. This is because the required power is shared between all the flashes so you never really have a full power dump.  Battery changes are also far and in-between. If you have been looking for an off camera solution then take a look at the Foursquare Flash System by Lightware Direct. You can find out more information on their website here:

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