Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Help an Art Exhibit: Get Exposure

Most of you know that last year I was invited to exhibit work at Dharma Studios in Coconut Grove (thanks Angeline!).  While at the exhibit my wife discussed with Dharma the fact that I had a trip planned to Cuba.  Well, most of you also know that in January 2011 I took that trip.  I think I managed to come back with some good images of the rural areas in and around Cotorro. 

Dharma Studios took a look at my images and asked if I would come show at their studio again on May 7th.  It should be obvious that I said YES!  I asked if Angeline could join me for the show since we had such a great time at the last show.  They of course said YES!. 

One thing we didn't realize last time around is the cost involved in setting up this art showing.  There was the printing of the images, mounting/framing/hanging, tables, posters, food (cheese/refreshments)... etc...  In the end I was surprised just how much money I had put into the exhibit. 

I try to be as honest as I can all the time and what this boils down to is....  You guessed it...  We, want your money!  However, there are different levels of rewards you will receive for the help that you provide.  Click the "Help and Art Exhibit:  Get Exposure button below to find out more details.  You can start by gifting as little as 8 dollars.  Angeline and I will put a link to your website on the four sites we use.  This will help us for sure and will drive traffic to your site! 

Of course if you just want to give us money and you don't have a site to promote that is okay too.  ;-)

With all this being said and in all seriousness if you can't support us with money then please support us with your presence on May 7th.  We would love to have you there and to talk about our respective arts.  If you know any business and/or people that might be interested then please, PLEASE provide them with a link to this blog post.