Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is it about photography?

That is the question of this post.  I want to know what it is about photography that you like or dislike.  Is it simply a method of recording a moment in time or is it something more?  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about photography.  If there are some topics that you would like me to cover leave those as comments as well.  Who knows I may be able to help you out!


  1. For me, it is not so much recording the moment as identifying a memory for the future. I lost many precious photos in a flood years ago, but I still remember them. Thinking about the lost pictures renewed the memories. It was not really the photos themselves, but the recollections - much the same as a journal or diary, even if poorly written.

  2. When I first started off into photography I thought of it as simply a recording of a specific moment (very clinical). The years past and as I got older I started realizing the importance of memories. Now, I have begun to take it to another level. I am seeking to create art not just a moment. The best part about photography is that it can be all of these things successfully. That is one of the reasons I like it so much. Thanks JJ for sharing and as always I am happy to read your posts.

  3. Photos have always been about memories for me. Guess that is an influence of having older parents? I love old photographs, wonder what they were thinking, or how the place changed. The stories you can take from a photo...!

    Photos can also be references for paintings, drawings, etc. These photos are not so valuable to me as in providing stories, but nonetheless helps with colors, etc. The photo is used in the beginning, and then put away to let my imagination fill in the painting.

    The most valuable photos, to me, are caught moments: Mama at South Beach, Mama and Papa in the old Florida room, Noche Buenas (Christmas Eves) of long ago years with lost loved ones.

    I will stop blabbing...LOL As for what I would like to learn, your blog is searchable for what I need. =)