Sunday, October 7, 2012

Consider the Time of Day

 Here are a few of my favorite engagement photos from yesterday's (10/06/2012) shoot.  There is a little pull off as you are headed to Key Biscayne where these were taken.  It is one of my favorite locations for engagement photos.

However, taking a couple there on a Saturday afternoon poses some interesting problems.  Until now I had only visited there early in the mornings and typically we were the only ones there and had the run of the place.  Saturday afternoons on the other hand are crawling with people and not the quiet contemplative ones either.  But with a little effort and the willingness of these folks to walk around the photos came out just fine.

The moral of the story is know your location if at all possible prior to the shoot.  I did show up about 30min before and took a quick note of what we had to work with.  If I hadn't done that it certainly would have been a little more challenging.

Of course having folks like this makes it all the easier!