Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is the Photographic Print Dead?

When I look around our house I see very little in the way of photographic décor. Even though I spend a good bit of time and effort photographing beautiful places I rarely ever see it in print. Most often it sets on my hard drive at home with the occasional one making it to my website or blog. My wife and I do not have a shoebox full of images and I know in my gut that we will one day regret that.

There are many images that we have printed but they are still in their cardboard box waiting on a frame.  Twenty years ago we would have had albums to flip through or walls full of family images. What has changed? Has technology stolen the nostalgia of print?  Often times I feel vain to hang my own work on our walls.  The wife says I'm just crazy (that may be true too). 

Each time I hold a print the image seems more real. The larger the print the more value it has in my minds eye. 

This brings me to the questions I have for you.

Is the photographic print dead? If so, why do you think that is the case?

When you hold a print in your hands or see it on a wall does it feel different than viewing it on your computer?

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