Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Best Laid Plans

A bride goes through months and months of planning making sure everything is perfect.  Then, the big day comes and one of the few things outside of her control hits.  It rains all day.  However, this isn't a fear that rests solely with the bride.  The photographer also has this fear.

We are hired to produce great images to help them remember their day for years to come.  We were not hired to complain, be grumpy, or be limited by these same events.  We must produce because that is our job.

There is one thing you must have to produce good images (other than a camera).  If you have this then you are only limited by your creativity and the understanding you have of your equipment.  The one item is good quality of light.  Seek this out above all and the rest can fall into place.  If you are in a location where the light quality is lacking then you best have a means of producing your own light.  Great light can overcome almost anything because the environment is no longer a factor.  It is all about the light and it's direction.  For example,  the two images above were taken in a standard hotel.  The first in the room where the bride was getting ready and the second in the lobby.  These were not spectacular locations but it is what we had to work with.

Tip: If the environment isn't favorable shoot with a wide open aperture to help blurr the background. This will cause the subject to be seperated from the background.

Side note:  I talked to the hotel prior to taking the bride around the lobby to ensure that it was okay with them.  The last thing you need to add to a difficult day is being kicked out of the hotel.

You owe your clients good images regardless of the situation.  Perhaps the couple wanted to get married at someones house and that location was less than picturesque.  Does that bride or groom deserve less than good images?  No.  We have to produce because it is not only our job but our duty.  These are images that will last a lifetime and there are no do-overs.

I can honestly say that wedding photography is one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted to do photographically speaking.  However, there is nothing like showing the bride and groom their finished images and seeing a smile on their face.

Thanks Angeline and Andy for the privilege of shooting your wedding!

Oh, this last image?  Well, sometimes you get lucky and the rain stops for 5min.  Seriously, it was only for 5min.....


  1. Yeah, it was for five minutes that the rain stopped. LOL The rest of the time outside, the sky was spitting. LOL

    EVERYONE loves your photos, Jason. Never had a doubt you would save a rainy day. THANK YOU for letting me hire you!!!! Daily we get someone exclaiming over our photos!!!! THANK YOU and SUPER TERRIFIC JOB!!!

  2. You did great! The pics are beautiful!