Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Stop with one Edit

Kim and Zackeal (Wife and Son!!)

Use your post processing tools!  We as photographers have more post processing tools than ever before and yet sometimes we shy from using them.  I find myself in that group ever so often too…  It is safe to be there.  Lately, though I have been trying to step out of my “normal” post processing.  The first thing I generally do is post process an image to the point that I like the image.  Then, I will create a few virtual copies of the image and play around with some of the post processing options that Lightroom 3 has (use whatever tool you have in place of Lightroom 3).  Some of these I go wild on and would never show anyone but I learn so much by trying these different settings.  The fact that it is a virtual copy means that the original image is safe so it doesn’t matter what I do to the images.  It does not hurt to play around and you can learn some interesting things about the editor you have chosen.  You might even be surprised by some of the effects that you can get.  It could also assist you on developing a style.  When I first gander at an image I generally know what post processing tools will work.  Why?  Well, because I have played around with Lightroom and/or Photoshop.  Stop being safe with your editing….  The sky is the limit!!!!  Besides if it turns out terrible there is a delete key on the keyboard.

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