Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting Good Photos in Bad Spots

No, this is not supposed to be a good photo...  That's the point!

Sometimes the best photos are the ones you take in poor situations. While setting around the house I got the idea to prove that in bad locations where you think 'this is impossible to work with', that you can come away with great photos. Granted I used my family as test subjects but understand the entire set up and photos took about 5 min. No kidding.

So, what do we have to work with?
The first and obvious advantage to this location is the big beautiful light source coming through the window. The window and shade add fantastic diffusion and intensity. Second, there is a couch in front of the window where I can pose the subjects... Well, that is about all we have. Good light and a great place to set people...who could ask for anything more. Remember in these situations that close and tight shots are your friends.  Oh, and pardon the mess our two year old was very active just prior to these photos.  Take a look at the following series of photographs and tell me if it really looks like I used this location.


  1. LOL Jason, I love these photos. Sometimes the best shots are taken spur of the moment, and these prove it. No special dress up, or make up, or lighting. Just shoot.

    Love the photos. BTW: Glad to see your home is normal, as in, happily LIVED in!

  2. Zackeal ensures that it always has the "lived in" look. Lol... Thanks for the comments and these are some of my favorite images. Of course I am bias.

  3. Hi Jason, they are some amazingly good photos that you took from that space! But I think that the point that you're making is absolutely right. Looking back over some of my travel shots over the last year, some of the best have just been taken at my partner sitting across from me on the train - whereas I've been intensely frustrated with how impossible some buildings seem to be to capture in a photograph!

  4. Akesli, Great to see you back and thanks for the compliments! The more I explore the mundane the more I realize that good photographs can happen anywhere you just have to learn how to see the light. There will be other posts on this topic as well. I have some great "terrible" locations that I am going to attempt what I pulled off here. Thanks again for stopping by!