Thursday, June 17, 2010

Right Place, Right Time

Sometimes it is about be in the right place at the right time. You can plan all you want but there are times when the weather is just not going to cooperate or some unforeseen issue arises. Then, there are times when you just randomly make that decision to go take some photographs and it is perfect. Really, it can be hit or miss. Check out the image below as an example. My wife and I had decided to go to a local air show where of course I took my camera. The mid field was crowded and while that is where a good amount of the air show took place we decided to head down to the end of the runway. It was vacant which was great for me. Well, it so happened that the “Heritage” fly over from the P-51 and F-15 made its turn exactly where I was standing. Better yet they passed right in front of some dark clouds being backlit by the sun. The entire trip was worth it for this shot.
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You can take two things away from this post.
1. You have to go in the first place
2. No matter how much you plan sometimes you just get lucky.


  1. There is a third takeaway: sometimes, just enjoy the moments and forget the camera/paint brush/etc.

    You don't have to go any where...and you can enjoy almost where ever you go...guess I'm naive, eh?

    Gorgeous shot, Jason. WOW.

  2. See the moment and capture what comes your direction. I like it!