Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get out the door!!!

You get home from a hard day at work and you’re hungry. You fix dinner set down for a few minutes to eat and get up ready for your photo trip… Suddenly you notice that it is dark outside and another opportunity is missed. I would encourage you to grab something quick, take it with you and eat on location. It is very difficult to take a sunset picture if you are stuck in your house (some might even say it is impossible). Need to spend some time with the family? That is easy, pick a location that is family friendly once in awhile and load them up. Spouses are great gear bags!

I encourage you to find friends with common interests and form a group. This is another motivation because you generally set up meeting times and throw in a restaurant after the shoot. They can also help you in your skills because everyone sees things differently. Remember, get out there and snap the shutter, it is MUCH easier to take photographs that way.


  1. This is exactly what I am looking for, people in my comunity with common interest and form a group. Can you include me in your group, sorry to ask you that, but is why a need, a hand to guide me, and learn from other people. Thanks

  2. Yes, the more folks I can make contact with means the more I have to take photos...